About Us

Hock Keng Heng (HKH) Plaster is one of the largest Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of All kinds of Quality, Reliable & Excellent Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum / Plaster (GRG/GRP)/ Architectural Gypsum Mouldings / Plaster Mouldings / Crown Mouldings / Cornice / Plaster Cove / Plaster Coving / Ceiling Medallions / Ceiling Rossets / Centerpieces / Plaster Frames / Gypsum Frames / Ceiling Domes / Decorative Gypsum Plaster Moulding Products.

All our GRP & GRG mouldings are modeled, moulded and produced in high quality non-toxic plaster(gypsum) powder and glass fibre to yield the fine quality, excellent and reliability products.

We sculpt elegant Cornices/Frames/Mouldings, Center Panel/Ceiling Roses/Ceiling Medallions, Frames, Beading & Curving Corners, and Decorative Wall Pieces/Corbels, Domes, Fire Base, Wall Niches, Archs, Roman Round/Square Pillars/Capitals, Ceiling Panels/Relief/Cameo, Plasterboard, Circular Mouldings and Archs and many others that can add class and elegance touch/image to your wall and ceiling decorations.

These products can be touched up/painted with any type of paint.

Our GRP & GRG products are only intended for decorative interior non-structural use, which is suitable for use in new construction residential and commercial premises, renovation and restoration.

Our GRP & GRG materials are tested and approved by SIRIM, Malaysia. It is passed to BS476:Part 4:1970(84) for Non-Combustibility Test For Materials. Also, they are tested for fire propagation to BS476 Part 6-1989; surface spread of flame to BS476 Part 7-1997, as well as, tested for fire resistance, complied with class "O" rating.

Our factory equipped with the advance technology, and a team of dedicated and skillful craftman, we are able to produce and supply elegance and high quality of precast GRP & GRG to cater to our consumer demand.

As an experienced manufacturer, we have also coupled our skills in fabricating GRP to match the ever-changing needs of our customer.

At HKH plaster, we valued our customers near or far, through ours years of experience and knowledge, we strongly believe in providing absolute customer satisfaction. Thus, you can be assured of our dedicated workforce will always continue to excel in doing our best to serve you better.

HKH GRP & GRG products are made from non-toxic, non-combustible glass fibre reinforced plaster(gypsum).

Ideal and Affordable for everyone

Manufacturing facilities

Our 600,000 sqft manufacturing plant are able to supply any size project. Custom manufactured and make to order products are welcome and delivered on time.

About Our Products


Environmentally Friendly Products

Gypsum (plaster) is a natural mineral-based product. It is non-combustible,asbestos-free, and is free from harmful agents.

Gypsum/Plaster is easy to use - just mix with water and it is ready for use in fashioning designs to enhance walls and ceilings.

Its natural-based characteristics make Gypsum/Plaster highly compatible with the modern environment as it works in harmony with nature and does not affect the ecological balance.

Technical Guide

  • Simple tools required - pencil, measuring tape, leveling tape, HKH Adhesive Compound, HKH Plastering Compound.
  • Composition of GRP/GRG are continous strand non-toxic, non-combustible glass fiber reinforced plaster/gypsum.
  • Our GRP/GRG are passed to Surface Spread of Flame Test, Fire Propagation Test and Material Combustible Test.
  • Our GRP/GRG can used on dry wall, cement rendered and ceiling masonry surfaces.
  • Our New Moisture Resistance (MR) GRP/GRG contains silicone base additive greatly reduces porosity and has moisture resistance surface property.

  • If you are interested in the technical data of our GRG / GRP Products, kindly contact us at plaster@hkhplaster.com

    Quality Assurance

    HKH GRP materials are construded from high quality non-toxic and non combustible glass fibre strand and plaster powder (plaster of paris)

    Our GRP products are tested and passed to BS476, Part 4 [1970(84)] as non-combustible material, BS476 part 6 (1989) and BS476 part 7 (1997) for surface spread of flame test and fire propagation test and has been awarded as class "O" rating materials.

    All products are well packed (using foams and shrink) before shipment, we provide buyers the gurantee that the breakages/damages of materials does not exceed 3% equivalent to quantities sent or value sold.

    GRP vs Wood